Current Work

In my practice, when painting, I use acrylic on canvas, creating washes and over layering, applying the paint thinly or more heavily to create texture, which forms the image.

I create layers till it works for me, leaving areas a mixture of translucence and thick layers, creating depth and rich colours. I paint that which has been discarded, viewed as rubbish, often from photographs I take. I like to paint these images, looking at them anew, seeing the patterns, shapes, colours and the abstraction. I also use watercolour, gouache, oil and soft pastel, either on their own or together to further enrich the image.

My choice of subjects for canvases have often been taken from sketches I have made wherever I travel, like a pictorial diary, and from photographs.

In creating my sculptures, I intuit movement and sentiment that I find through playful abstraction. I experiment with new materials, such as rusty iron and found objects. I create assemblages, collages, using those found objects, making constructions, or framed, three dimensional pieces.

In my work I use mixed media, clay, breezeblocks, plaster, wood, plastics, board and building materials and large amounts of rusty objects, which I find beautiful and charming in their sometimes random shapes and rich colour.

I have cast my ceramic work in bronze, an extraordinary experience, very labour intensive, and creative at the wax cast state.

In printmaking, I have mostly been involved with etching, aquatint, sugar lift and chine collé. Subjects are mostly taken from my sketchbooks.  I also make lino prints.

Colour is important using two or three plates.

My work is about my passion for colours and how they relate to each other, how they help to create form and space.